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Deer Season Is Finally Here!

Posted by kevin on November 6, 2017

Thank goodness……

I’ve been waiting for November and it's finally here...and I plan on taking full advantage of this amazing time of year!

There is something special about the fall season.  In fact,  I prefer it over spring for many reasons.  One,  is the pure consistency of the patterns during fall. Once you find that pattern, it will hold for weeks...if not all the way through the end of the year!   Second, is the depth the crappie will be in; I enjoy catching them in shallow water during spring and summer.  I love catching crappie when they are living 12’-25’ down in the water column due to the fight it presents.   You don’t get the fight when fish are shallow....you get the thump that we all crave, which is probably the best part of crappie fishing!  But when they are deep, it’s a combo of sorts and the best of both worlds.  And for that reason I prefer fall/winter time crappie fishing over the spring-time bite.

Another reason I love fall is because of hunting season; so many outdoorsman love both the water as well as the woods.  When November rolls around the population on the lake gets cuts in half, if not more.  Fishing in Nov-Jan the only folks you will see are the diehard Bass-Heads in addition to a lot of crappie fisherman. Furthermore, there is a lot less boat traffic....gone are the jet skis, pleasure boaters and/or party boats.  Instead, you see just fisherman.

One thing that crappie do in fall that’s important- they flat out eat! They seem to know that long brutal winter is coming so they put on the feed bag!  In ending, one major tip I can give for fall/winter time fishing is to find the bait.  If you locate the bait you will see the crappie won’t be far behind as they must eat this time of year.

So if you’re like me, you will truly appreciate the fall weather and the outstanding fishing it provides!

Good fishing-

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