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My Favorite "Crappie Place"

Posted by kevin on June 30, 2017


I constantly get asked where my favorite place to fish is.  The answer to this question has changed during the last 26 years I have spent tournament crappie fishing.  My home lake, Truman Reservoir,  and I have a long lasting relationship.  This is where I learned how not only to crappie fish, but also one pole vertical jig visible timber for crappie….my favorite technique by far, but not my favorite place! I recently had the pleasure of fishing in FL on the St. Johns river- wow what a beautiful place to fish for crappie!  That being said, it is also not my favorite place to fish. And there is Mississippi- the holy grail and widely known for its monster crappie.  Mississippi is where I caught my biggest crappie, and the only state where I have caught one over three pounds- but again not my favorite place to chase crappie.




I’m not sure if it’s the old school fishing vibes this lake and the surrounding towns put off; or if it’s just a Texas thing.  It could be the 1,000 of acres of standing timber that remains in the lake. So the answer to the question I am asked so often….hands down my favorite lake to fish is Lake Fork in Emory, Texas.  That being said, I have only fished the lake four different times in my lifetime… but it is magical to me. I love this lake so much that I get excited at the thought of  dropping a jig next to one of the millions of trees that are left in the lake.  I’ve never been to any other lake, or experienced a crappie bite like they do at Lake Fork.  The fish hit a lure harder than any place I have visited in my last 26 years- it’s simply incredible!  Maybe it’s the 10 pound plus bass that swim in the waters that make the crappie so mean? Note- this lake does NOT produce the number of three pound crappie like Mississippi does, but you get to one pole these fish.  In my opinion, the absolute best thing about crappie fishing is getting to feel the crappie hit your jig! That is the reason (hands down) I will choose Texas over Mississippi- it is purely on the fishing style.  I enjoy jigging over trolling any day of the week.




Whatever it is, I love it and cannot get enough of it! So if you’re looking for your next crappie adventure and love getting the rod ripped out of your hand give Lake Fork a try!




Good Fishing


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